Why do you Need ACR Data Logger as a Backup System for Your Industry?

Why do you Need ACR Data Logger as a Backup System for Your Industry?

The need for a redundant, self-powered temperature data logger is substantial. If you need to incessantly monitor the humidity, pressure, and temperature with your primary data logger, there is always a chance that the system could glitch, or worse, the electricity goes out for an unexpected amount of time. In a situation where you do lose power, rather than risking your production work, there’s nothing much you can do to safeguard the process. This is where our ACR redundant, self-powered secondary backup data logger comes to the rescue. This ACR self-powered temperature data logging device comes in a compact size to fit in the tightest areas. It provides compliant and precise monitoring for almost any application. ACR’s self-powered, redundant data loggers enable the user to predictively monitor their storage areas, sensitive materials, and production environments with its dynamic features, such as replaceable sensors, and visual alarms with easy downloading and report analysis capability.

With innovative technology replacing outdated solutions, power outages should be growing more and more unlikely, but the opposite is happening. Power outages are happening more frequently and extreme weather conditions don’t help the situation. Human error tends to be a common cause of power outages, but there are also many unavoidable causes including interference due to animals or weather events. With many factors impacting access to reliable power, our data loggers can provide consistent reporting and analysis, even if there is an outage or electrical glitch.

Our redundant, self-powered temperature data loggers can be applied to a variety of jobs. Used by service technicians, performance contractors, and engineers responsible for investigating occupant comfort complaints, assessing HVAC/R systems, adjusting temperature setbacks, and of course monitoring indoor environmental conditions, ACR data loggers are the preferred data loggers in the industry. Our secondary or even tertiary data loggers are also used by ecologists, hydrologists, and research scientists looking to continuously monitor variables including water temperature, air, and soil without having to be present on-site for the entire monitoring duration.

Both FG Deli in Langley, BC, and Abbott Labs in IL have been using the ACR Secondary Temperature Data Logger and their backup systems and have received great results. 

FG Deli

FG Deli is using their ACR data logger as a secondary backup system to their primary monitoring system on their ovens, freezers, and coolers. They have found our data logger extremely useful, when, for some reason, there is a glitch in their primary system, or a power outage, which happens quite often. In those scenarios, they successfully rely on our self-powered data loggers to fill in the gaps in their unremitting data logging.

FG Deli is obliged to provide validation Studies to be sure that they are doing everything right as per the CFIA regulations and the new Safe Food For Canadians. A few of these regulations consist of certain cooling temperatures that have to be met at certain times once the cooking is done. The bad part is these cooling temperatures and time parameters vary based on what product’s been processed (for example, poultry would be different from pork or whole muscle meats – US products have their own respective parameters).

Thus, here’re the major savings FG Deli gets from monitoring with the primary, as well as secondary data logging systems. FG Deli has ten different production lines, so experiencing a gap in their fundamental monitoring system might lead them to either re-start the system or re-cook the entire batch, practically putting the entire production process on hold for that duration. Our data loggers are helping FG Deli keep up productivity and fill the gap when unexpected outages or glitches occur that would otherwise impact their production process.

 Abbott Labs

Abbott Labs is currently running three monitoring systems installed in coolers that are storing hundreds of thousands of dollars of medicinal products. ACR data loggers are not their primary or secondary options, but rather act as a tertiary system. Having our data loggers as their backup system has saved Abbott millions of dollars. When their first two systems failed, they were able to extract data from ACR’s self-powered loggers to fill in the data gap without having to throw all of their products away and start all over again.

ACR data loggers have been designed to function as primary, secondary, and also tertiary data logging systems for many cooking, storage, and automotive facilities. Power outages and electrical glitches happen unexpectedly, consider using a data logger to monitor your indoor environmental conditions and never see a gap in your data again.

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