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DATA LOGGERS - ACR Data loggers are reliable, easy to use, and deliver full functionality in the harshest operating conditions. We are always here to help you select the best logger for all your data logging needs, from low-cost single-channel temperature to multichannel, multi-functional systems.

Data loggers are usually more economical than chart recorders. They also offer more flexibility and are available with a greater variety of input types. ACR data loggers feature longevity and durability, and you can expect them to continue operating for years. Users can set alarms for pressure, temperature, humidity, etc.

The data retrieved is presented in a graphical or tabular form for easy understanding. Our compact, battery-operated data loggers are equipped with an internal microprocessor, data storage, and one or more sensors or sensor ports. Our data loggers can be deployed and left unattended in various environments to record measurements at the preset intervals.

SOFTWARE - Logged information is displayed using our accompanying software suites. Each software suite is flexible and easy to use as the primary interface utilizes familiar Windows Explorer views. With built-in menus for sample rates and mode, start delay, equations, and more, logger setup is fast and easy. There are built-in equations for all ACR sensors, and users need only select the appropriate equation from the menu or customize their equation. Maximized real-time views allow users to verify that the logger is working correctly before placing it in the field.

ACCESSORIES – Compatible sensor accessories to remotely measure and record various parameters, including Thermocouple and Thermistor, Relative Humidity, Pressure, AC Current and Voltage. Everything you need to communicate with your data logger, including Interface cable and adaptors, Power supplies for fast sampling, and Enclosures to protect data loggers from moisture and solvents.

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