Welcome The Latest Invention in Data Logging With Heightened Accuracy and Flexibility

Welcome The Latest Invention in Data Logging With Heightened Accuracy and Flexibility

SRX2 is a new product family to the market with a self-powered design to last. This multi-channel data logger reduces e-waste and will support businesses moving away from paper and towards digital records.


SRX2 can be communicated with by the standard USB MiniB which offers a cost effective solution, plus its 16-bit resolution offers greater accuracy. The total logging duration depends on the sample rate and number of channels enabled, for example:


  1.       14 days at 10s sample rate, all channels active
  2.       86 days at 1 min sample rate, all channels active


The battery life can be extended by turning off all channels when not in use, using slower sample rates as seen in the example above, and keeping the USB cable powered.


SRX2 has an easy to use plug and play feature and the built-in equations on-board the data logger ensures faster downloads and collaboration with less user intervention. Its real-time graphing verifies the logger is working, while also storing the readings for later download and the free basic software and free lifetime technical support allows you to get the most functionality of your data logger in any applications. SRX2 can be applied to:


  1.       Building Power monitoring
  2.       HVAC Systems, testing & balancing
  3.       Pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage
  4.       Building comfort monitoring
  5.       Plug Load Equipment monitoring
  6.       Lighting systems monitoring
  7.       Environmental monitoring
  8.       IAQ monitoring
  9.       Building Envelope monitoring
  10.       Back up system monitoring of Process, Storage and Transport
  11.       Facility Management Backup System


With the ability to work with the ACR TRX software package, you can be guaranteed real-time graphing, pushbutton analytics, a delayed start for up to 2 months, and high and low thresholds with the capability to send an alert to select email addresses. With ACR TRX Pro, SmartReader Plus data loggers can be set up and downloaded to view real-time graphing plus receive a one-page summary report. The ACR TRX software is easy to calibrate making it more intuitive by enabling the offset to be in engineering values instead of bytes.      

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