ULTRA COLD TEMPERATURE MONITORING SOLUTION: Need a monitoring solution that meets your extremely low temperature monitoring requirements? We have a data logger solution for your temperature needs that is used and trusted by leading pharmaceutical and logistics companies worldwide. Call us at: 1-800-663-7845

We offer an extensive product line of data logging solutions for a variety of applications.

From low-cost, single-channel loggers to high-end, multi-channel, multi-functional systems.

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Over three decades of proven performance, reliability, and durability in even the most challenging environments


Durable long-lasting data loggers that reduce electronic waste and environmental damage

Our Top Solutions


SmartReader Plus (SRP) Series

The broadest range of configurable, networkable, multi-channel data loggers with 10-year battery life ensuring the perfect logger for any application.

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The smallest, most affordable single-channel temperature data logger for tight spaces, multiple locations, and repeat uses – even in the most extreme temperatures.

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Our data loggers are self-powered, pocket-sized instruments that can measure and record:

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