Pressure Data Loggers

ACR's SmartReader Plus 4 Pressure data loggers provide straightforward monitoring and troubleshooting of pneumatic control systems. The units are entirely self-contained with a ¼" quick-release pressure fitting to allow a fast and trouble-free connection.
The SmartReader Plus 4 Pressure data logger performs in various applications, from tracking the performance of pneumatic control systems to monitoring compressors to verifying thermostats and humidistats.
Ideal indoor ambient conditions require reliable control of pressure, temperature, humidity, and other conditions. When it comes to your requirements related to pressure, ACR has the best solutions. ACR's SmartReader Plus 4 - LPD (Low-Pressure Differential) data logger is ideally suited to verify pressure in hospital operating rooms, clean rooms and areas where positive or negative pressure environments are crucial. The ACR SmartReader Plus 4 - LPD data logger is also suited to monitor duct velocity and test & balance HVAC systems.

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