Power Quality Data Loggers

ACR Systems’ PowerWatch is the best-in-class power quality data logger to capture the most detailed data and help you discover the most difficult-to-find power quality issues. Our  data logging solutions provide you with a fuller picture so that you can quickly detect and resolve any problems. ACR's power quality data logger, the PowerWatch is designed to identify your power quality and energy efficiency issues with easy and effective recording and analysis. Flexible and powerful EventReader software provides valuable insights into the performance of your electrical systems. ACR's PowerWatch provides you with the highest accuracy to handle the most challenging issues.

ACR's PowerWatch is a powerful and easy-to-use data logger for monitoring and accurately recording essential voltage disturbances. PowerWatch detects and records events only when they happen, reducing analysis time and not burdening the user with excessive data. Up to 4000 events can be stored. Affordable enough to deploy several loggers around your building to monitor several branches. Conduct a high-level diagnosis of your building's power quality without hiring an electrician. 120 volt for North American receptacles and 220 volts for Australia, United Kingdom & European Schuko receptacles

PowerWatch is your first line of defense for single-phase power quality monitoring.

City of Vancouver - "We've gained much experience using PowerWatch for many years. It has helped us determine precisely where the Voltage drop is happening. UPS systems only mask the problem of the voltage drops – you still need a Power Watch to diagnose the issue."

The City of Victoria - "The PowerWatch is excellent because I plug it in and leave it for a while. If things happen in the middle of the night, the PowerWatch will log it. The software data is proof in my reporting to the power provider. I like the product's simplicity, and it's a good initial low-cost solution. It pays for itself after one use. If I didn't have the PowerWatch, I'd have to buy a much more expensive product, giving me way more data than I need. It is truly a simple, low-cost solution to all your voltage drop concerns."

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