Pulse Frequency Data Loggers

ACR’s SmartReader Plus 9 is a versatile data logger designed for counting and recording digital pulses or switch contact closures. The data logger is compatible with many switches, meters and transducers and accurately monitors and records how often an event takes place, the duration of the event, or the current state of a device.

ACR’s pulse data logger relies on an output from the monitored device, such as a door, gauge, or other electrical or mechanical instruments. The ACR TrendReader software displays data in units specific to the application.

The recording duration depends upon the memory capacity of the device and the desired sample rate. When it comes to your Pulse data loggers, ACR data logging solutions provide a great deal of flexibility that is undoubtedly the best choice for high sample rates. The computer need not be present during the data collection process, making our Pulse data loggers suitable for applications requiring portability.

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