Temperature Data Loggers

ACR Systems offers a variety of temperature data loggers that fit any application where monitoring temperature is crucial. 

ACR’s SmartButton and JR-2000 data loggers are incredibly compact, versatile and easy-to-use options. With visual alarm capabilities, the JR-2000 is the perfect solution to ensure regulatory compliance when monitoring temperature during the storage of vaccines and food products throughout the cold chain process.

The Nautilus waterproof data loggers suit applications where high-temperature monitoring in wet environments is needed. Able to measure temperatures as high as 125°C, the Nautilus High Temperature is perfect for pasteurization, sterilization, and autoclave temperature monitoring.

ACR’s SmartReader Plus temperature data loggers can simultaneously measure up to eight temperature channels. Various temperature sensors can be attached to these versatile multi-channel data loggers to suit any application.

The OWL data loggers are user-configurable as desired – define sample methods and rates and set alarm limits with built-in visual LED that flashes when the alarm condition is met or exceeded.

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