The SmartReader Plus 7 data logger is a versatile data logger for easy recording of common process signal variables.

Key Features

  • Equipped with an internal ambient temperature channel.
  • 7 external channels
  • 7 transducers or sensors
  • Network up to 10 SRP data loggers with SRP7
  • Easy calibration to NIST standards
  • Compatibility with the Trend Reader® Software
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SmartReader Plus 7 Process Signal Logger

Track, Monitor, Analyze – Simplified with SmartReader Plus 7 (SRP7)! Perfect for all-in-one data logging, the SRP7 empowers you to effortlessly record AC current and voltage data while providing unparalleled insights into your operations. Whether you're conducting energy baseline studies, troubleshooting process control applications, or ensuring environmental regulations compliance, the SRP7 is your ultimate monitoring companion.

Applications of SRP7

Easily  Record Common Process Signals 

Ideal for monitoring wind speed, flow, tank level, pressure, and a variety other process signal applications.

Troubleshoot Process Control Applications

Identify and rectify issues in process control applications by leveraging SRP7's advanced monitoring capabilities.

Ensure Environmental Regulations Compliance

Stay compliant with environmental regulations by using SRP7 to monitor and maintain adherence to set standards.

Benefits of SRP7

Continuously Track Changes and Identify Trends

Stay ahead of the curve by monitoring changes and identifying emerging trends in your operations, allowing for proactive decision-making.

Quickly Generate Detailed Reports

Save time and effort with SRP7's ability to swiftly generate comprehensive reports, providing you with actionable insights to drive improvements

Monitor with a Wide Variety of Sensors – All-on-One Data Logger

Enjoy unmatched versatility with SRP7, as it enables monitoring with various sensors on a single data logger, simplifying your monitoring setup.

How the SmartReader Plus 7 Works:

Voltage channels use a pre-amplifier to provide a high input impedance and adjust the signal for maximum resolution by the A/D converter. All digital values are converted to their proper engineering units by equations in TrendReader software.

Current flow through a loop is logged by measuring the voltage drop across an internal 20 ohm input resistor. This voltage drop is amplified to use the full range of the A/D converter. The digital values are then processed into engineering units by an equation in TrendReader software.

For more information about Smart Reader Plus 7, download the manual here.


Accuracy +/- 0.5% of full scale
Input Impedance greater than 1 M ohm (200 mV channels)
greater than 1 M ohm (0 to 2.5 V channels)
greater than 1 M ohm (0 to 5.0 V channels)
greater than 1 M ohm (0 to 10.0 V channels)
20 ohm (0 to 25 mA channels)
Input Ranges - Other Models 0 to 2.5 volts DC (all external channels)
0 to 5 volts DC (all external channels)
0 to 10 volts DC (all external channels)
0 to 25mA DC (all external channels)
Input Ranges - Standard Model 0 to 2.5 volts DC (1 channel)
0 to 5.0 volts DC (2 channels)
0 to 10.0 volts DC (1 channel)
0 to 200 millivolts DC (1 channel)
0 to 25 milliamps DC (2 channels)
Overload Protection Voltage channels: +/- 40 volts (reverse-polarity protected)
Current channels: +/- 70 mA (reverse-polarity protected)
Transducer Restrictions It is recommended to use a single power supply or loop isolators to avoid ground loops
Warranty 3 – years

Accessories & Software

Software & Interface Cable are required for full functionality of the product.

AC Current Transducer (CT-153) AC Current Transducer (CT-253) AC Current Transducer (CT-353) AC Current Transducer (CT-453) Loop Isolator Weatherproof Box


ACR softwares are powerful, easy and intuitive that opens a window into the analysis of your data collected. Data can be viewed in various formats and presentation quality graphs can be exported into any WORD program. The software provides electronic records for a reduced paper trail.

TrendReader Full License TrendReader Interface Pkg TrendReader on USB Full

Documentation & Calibration

For a product sheet, please click below for a pdf version.

Product Sheet

A link to the Manual is available by clicking on the link below.

SmartReader Plus Manual


Data loggers are often used in highly regulated environments such as food and pharmaceutical production and storage where strict safety regulations apply. Regulatory agencies generally require proof of calibration.

ACR calibrations are performed using reference standards that have been calibrated and are traceable to the US National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). This ensures that all ACR data loggers meet, and perform to, their published specifications, allowing you to be confident that they will assist you in achieving your compliance requirements.

Calibration certificates are provided with every calibration we perform. ACR Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and calibration records are kept as part of our quality system and can be made available for customer audits.

Calibration Service


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