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Choose Your SmartButton Data Logger Family

Elevate your data logging capabilities with the ACR SmartButton Family – a suite of advanced, compact temperature loggers designed for efficiency and simplicity. The SmartButton series is engineered to meet a wide range of temperature monitoring requirements, thanks to its miniature size, extensive temperature range, and lightweight build. This makes it perfect for applications from pharmaceutical storage to food production, agricultural produce, the floral industry, room comfort monitoring, supply chain and almost anywhere you need to monitor temperature over time.

Each SmartButton data logger is an example of innovation, offering low-cost, high-precision monitoring solutions that are accessible to everyone. Whether you're overseeing multiple sites or need detailed temperature data, the SmartButton Family has you covered. Its affordability and small footprint allow for the deployment of extensive monitoring networks without significant investment.

For those who demand reliability and compliance, each SmartButton comes with a Certificate of Conformance available upon request, at no extra charge, ensuring your monitoring practices meet the highest standards.

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  • Pocket-sized
  • Solid-state components - no moving parts
  • Low-power microprocessor-controlled circuitry
  • 12-bit high-resolution readings
  • Precision on-board thermistor temperature sensor (except the SmartReader Plus 9)
  • High capacity lithium battery · Quartz clock crystal
  • Magnetic backing and secure locking hole
  • Rugged die-cast Noryl® case
  • Convenient terminal block connector

SmartReader Plus data loggers can run continuously, constantly measuring and recording readings from any enabled channel. They can also start logging at a specified time. Self-powered by a long-life lithium battery that will provide years of reliable operation, your SmartReader Plus can work independently from any external power supply or computer. When you are ready to look at the data it has collected, it can transfer all information to your computer through the use of TrendReader software.

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