Data Loggers

SmartReader Plus Data Loggers Family

SmartReader Plus data loggers are easy-to-use, battery-powered data loggers. Pocket-sized and rugged, they can be used in a wide range of environmental and industrial applications. Different SmartReader Plus models are available to directly measure and record variables such as temperature, relative humidity, pressure, electric current, analog voltage, current loop, and pulses. Each model can reliably record time-based data for later analysis by TrendReader software. TrendReader software must be installed and ready to run before making use of the setup instructions in this section of the guide.

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  • Pocket-sized
  • Solid-state components - no moving parts
  • Low-power microprocessor-controlled circuitry
  • 12-bit high-resolution readings
  • Precision on-board thermistor temperature sensor (except the SmartReader Plus 9)
  • High capacity lithium battery · Quartz clock crystal
  • Magnetic backing and secure locking hole
  • Rugged die-cast Noryl® case
  • Convenient terminal block connector

SmartReader Plus data loggers can run continuously, constantly measuring and recording readings from any enabled channel. They can also start logging at a specified time. Self-powered by a long-life lithium battery that will provide years of reliable operation, your SmartReader Plus can work independently from any external power supply or computer. When you are ready to look at the data it has collected, it can transfer all information to your computer through the use of TrendReader software.

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