Software Questions and Answers

Q: Can TRX open multiple graphs or merge graphs?

A: TRX can do both. TRX can open and display multiple single graphs or merge them together to yield all the data on one graph. Graphs can be viewed on overlay mode or appear with separate axes (stack mode). TRX can also add graphs to adjacent graphs chronologically (Concatenation).

Q: Can TRX export graph data to other formats?

A: TRX can convert graphed data to CSV, JPG, BMP, PNG and PDF formats.

Q: Can TRX connect to multiple loggers simultaneously?

A: TRX can connect to and display multiple loggers at the same time. A convenient All Loggers grid screen function shows every logger connected to the software in a table and displays the real time readings and any alarm conditions.

Q: Can TRX software be used with the JR-2000 data logger?

A: Yes. The JR-2000 is fully compatible with TRX.

Can TRX acknowledge or generate alarm states?

A: TRX can generate alarms from real time output from the SRX or JR-2000 data loggers if they are connected to the software. Email alerts can be sent to designated recipients. Real time numeric values in the software displays light up blue or red depending on low or high threshold crossings, as well as two stage alarm conditions. (Yellow for Warning and Red for Critical). Magenta indicates logger memory is full.

Q: Does TRX provide analytics?

A: TRX provides views of minimum, maximum, average, median, range, and standard deviation as well as a single click reporting function.

Q: Does TRX allow for custom equations and custom math formulas to be used?

A: TRX has built in Equation wizards to help create custom equations for almost all transducers on the market utilized with ACR SRX data loggers. TRX has built in Equation wizards to produce linear, polynomial, thermistor and custom equations as well as Compound Line equations to add to collected data sets for further calculations. (eg. KWH, Flow, Volume, Totalization etc.)

Q: Can my SRP loggers work with TRX?

A: Yes. TRX will allow basic interface with SmartReader Plus data loggers. TRX will communicate with, allow setting up of, and downloading data from SmartReader Plus data loggers. (Note: Not all functions are supported.)

Q: Can SRP loggers work in combo with SRX loggers?

A: Yes. TRX can work with SRP, SRX, and JR2000 loggers. The file formats are compatible.

Q: How will I receive notification when alarm thresholds are exceeded?

A: If the SRX logger is connected to the TRX software, email notification can occur if the software is configured for email. (May need IT involvement and authorization for this function.)

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