Hardware Questions and Answers

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Q: Does the USB interface cable come with the SRX2 loggers?

A: ACR provides one cable at time of purchase, however, you can use any standard Mini B USB cable for connection to SRX loggers.

Q: Does the SRX need to be connected to the computer to operate?

A: No, once programmed, the SRX is completely stand alone and can be placed anywhere. It only needs to be connected to the computer for programming and for backing up its collected data.

Q: Does the SRX2 come with software?

A: Yes. You can download the free basic version of TRX from  the ACR website. here. You also have the option of upgrading to the Pro veersion with the purchase of a license key.

How do I know if I need the Pro version of TRX?

A: You may need to consult the comparison table found here. It may help you to determine what features you need.

Q: How do I purchase the Pro version of TRX software and how do I receive it?

You can download and install the free version of TRX and then purchase the license key fron the online store here. Alternatively you can send PO to: orderdesk@acrdatasolutions.com and the license key will be emailed to you.

Q: Does SRX2 have visual indicators?

A: SRX has multi-color LED indicators. Indicating logging status and alarm status. The SRX can display  unique colors for delay start, logging memory full and two stage alarm conditions.

Q: What is the SRX two stage alarm feature?

A: The two stage alarm allows the SRX logger to be triggered on two alarm conditions independently. Alarm 1 would be considered a warning alarm (Yellow) where alarm 2 would be the critical alarm (Red). An example would be if the Alarm 1 threshold was set to a temperature where a fridge may be going out of acceptable range.The Alarm 2 threshold would be where the product inside the fridge was threatened. The SRX can flash its LED Yellow or Red depending on which condition it encounters.

Q: Does the SRX2 have alarm output hardware?

A: Yes. The SRX has two open collector (open drain) transistor outputs on board to externalize both Alarm 1 and Alarm 2 signals independently.
(Max allowed Current = 350 mAdc. Max allowed Voltage = 15Vdc).

Q: What external sensors can I use on the SRX2?

A: The SRX can use the external EH030A temperature and relative humidity sensor and has a 10Vdc, 5Vdc and two 25mAdc channels for connection to most popular analog signal transducers and sensors on the market.

Q: Does the SRX2 come calibrated to NIST standards?

A: ACR does calibrate and tune all SRX loggers to NIST standards, however, verification of this process in a certificate is available only upon request and for a charge.

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