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Frequently Asked Questions for SRP3

Q: Can I use Fluke or any other current probes with your logger?

A: Only if the probes have 0 - 5 VDC output signal. Current probes carried by ACR are compatible with SRP3 loggers.

Q: What is the cable length of the probes and how much can they be extended?

A: Probe cable lenghts of CT series probes are 5 feet long. It is recommended the cable not be extended.

Q: How many current probes can be connected to your logger?

A: Up to seven probes can be connected to SRP3 loggers.

Q: What is the accuracy of these loggers?

A: On the current channels, the accuracy of the system is +/-3.5% of full scale for SmartReader Plus 3 (above 10% of the range).  The CT-253 current probe is accurate to +/-3% of F.S.  The remaining 1%  or 0.5% comes from resolution effects and logger circuitry.  +/-3.5% of the full scale means that if the switch on the probe is set to 100 amps and a customer has a circuit with 25 amps flowing, the logger could record any value from 21.5 to 28.5 amps.  Note that below 10% of the measuring range the current probes are not considered accurate.

On the 0-5Volts voltage channels of the SRP3 the accuracy is ±0.5% of F.S. In other words, the accuracy is ±25mV.

Q: Is there any restriction on the transducer if we use our own voltage transducers with output of 0-5 Volts DC?

A: The use of a single power supply, or isolated output is recommended to prevent ground loops.

Q: On the voltage transducer from Scientific Columbus, there is a resistor. Should it be removed or not? What is the function of this resistor?

A: The function of this resistor is to convert the 0-1 mA output of the transducer to 0-5 VDC (that should be used with SRP3 loggers). Therefore, you should not remove the resistor.

Q: Do you have a 600VAC voltage transducer?

A: The nominal voltage of the Ohio Semitronics voltage transducer is 575 Vac and outputs 5Vdc at 600Vac which is good for 480Vac as well at 80% FS.

Q: What do you have for AC Voltage Transducers?

A: We stock two different models: a 575 Vac, 3-phase, 60Hz transducer and a 120 Vac, 1-phase, 60Hz transducer. These transducers have a 0-5Vdc output proportional to the input. The input ranges are 0-600Vac for the 575V transducer and 0-150Vac for the 120V transducers. These transducers are designed for use with our SRP-003 Current and Voltage logger. 


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