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SmartReader Plus 9

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2-channel pulse data logger
SmartReader Plus 9 - 128 KB (01-0130)

Two channel, 12-bit, 128 KB data logger (Two external pulse rate/frequency channels).


The SmartReader Plus 9 is a versatile data logger designed for easy counting and recording of switch contact closures and voltage pulses. It has two pulse/contact channels.Compatible with ACR's TrendReader® software

Note: For Switch Status logging, see SmartReader Plus 1 or SmartReader Plus 8.


Range 4095 pulses/sample period
Accuracy +/- 1 pulse/sample period
Input Voltage Low = 0 to 0.5 volts DC
High = 4.5 to 24 volts DC
Input Impedance > 1.0 M ohm for Vin < 5V
> 4.0 K ohm for Vin > 5V
Min. Pulse Width 50% Duty Cycle:
Slow input: 2 milliseconds
Fast input: 10 microseconds
Maximum Frequency 100 KHz
Switch Inputs Input Type: Uncommitted “dry” contacts (relay or switch)
Excitation: 5 microamps contact current
3.6 volts open circuit
Contacts: Sealed gold-plated recommended