SmartReader Plus 6 – 1.5 MB (01-0151)

SKU: 01-0151
Model: SRP-006-1.5M

Eight channel, 12 bit, 1.5 MB data logger (One ambient temperature and seven external thermocouple channels).

Product Features

Monitor temperature over a wide range with the SmartReader Plus 6 data logger. Easily and accurately record temperature from any J, K, S, T or E type thermocouple probe. With seven inputs for thermocouple probes and an on-board cold-junction thermistor, the SRP6 is one of the most versatile thermocouple data loggers available. Compatible with ACR’s TrendReader® software




+/- 0.5% of range + resolution

Thermocouple Specs

Range and Resolution:
J type: -50 to 600ºC (-55 to 1100ºF); 0.30ºC (0.55ºF)
K type: -100 to 1150ºC (-145 to 2100ºF); 0.50ºC (0.90ºF)
S type: 0 to 1450ºC (32 to 2642ºF ); 1.0ºC (1.8ºF)
T type: -200 to 400ºC (-325 to 750ºF); 0.40ºC (0.75ºF)
E type: -50 to 680ºC (-58 to 1250ºF); 0.24ºC (0.44ºF)


ACR Thermocouple Wire or any J, K, S, T and E type thermocouples


3 – years