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SmartReader Plus 1

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2-channel temperature data logger
SmartReader Plus 1 - 32 KB (01-0008)

Two channel, 12 bit, 32 KB data logger (One ambient temperature and one external temperature channel).


The SmartReader Plus 1 is a powerful and accurate data logger designed for easy monitoring and recording of temperature. With one internal ambient temperature channel and an input for an optional remote temperature or contact closure sensor, the SmartReader Plus 1 is ideal for quick and accurate temperature recordings in a variety of applications. Compatible with ACR's TrendReader® software .


Channels Two (one for internal temperature sensor and one for remote sensing of temperature, switch status or resistance)
Accessories ACR ET Series Temperature Probes or any NTC thermistor probe

ACR Temperature Probes

General Purpose -35 to 95°C (-30 to 200°F)
Low Temperature -60 to 55°C (-75 to 130°F)
Low Temp Penetration -60 to 55°C (-75 to 130°F)
High Temperature 10 to 170°C (50 to 335°F)
Oven Temperature 70 to 255°C (155 to 490°F)
Skin Surface Temperature 20 to 40°C (68 to 104°F)
Pipe Surface Temperature -35 to 95°C (-30 to 200°F)
Waterproof Temperature -40 to 105°C (-40 to 221°F)