PowerWatch – North American 120V

SKU: 01-0066
Model: PWV-001

Power quality analyzer/event recorder (120 Volt, North American plug style).

Product Features

Software Requirements


PowerWatch is the easiest way to monitor and record essential voltage disturbance information from any power receptacle. Just set up your pre-determined disturbance threshold values or use the industry standard default values and plug it in. No wiring or dangerous connections required. Compatible with ACR’s EventReader®Software


Hot to NeutralNeutral to Ground
Surge, Sag & Outage
Range0 to 200 V rms3 to 150 V rms
Accuracy+/- 1 V rms + resolution+/- 1 V rms + resolution
Resolution1 V rms+/- 1 V rms
Range100 to 2500 V peak50 to 2500 V peak
Accuracy+/- 10% of reading + resolution+/- 10% of reading + resolution
Resolution10 V10 V
Width Detection1 µsec minimum1 µsec minimum
Phase Angle Accuracy+/- 1° (20 to 180°, 200 to 360°)+/- 1° (20 to 180°, 200 to 360°)
Phase Angle Resolution
Range45 to 65 Hz
Accuracy+/- 0.1 Hz (3 cycles minimum)
Resolution0.1 Hz
Time Events (< 1 sec)
Accuracy+/- 0.5 cycle+/- 1 cycle
Resolution0.5 cycle1 cycle
Time Stamp (> 1 sec)
Accuracy+/- 2 seconds/day + resolution
Resolution8 seconds
Warranty3 – years