EventReader Software for PowerWatch

SKU: 01-0233
Model: ERS

EventReader Software for PowerWatch (Full Install – USB) Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 (32 & 64 bit) & Windows 10.

Product Features

EventReader is a powerful and easy to use power quality analysis software application developed exclusively for the ACR PowerWatch Voltage Disturbance Recorder.  With no programming hassles or complex menus, setup and downloading of data occurs in seconds.

Key Features

  • Records surges, sags, outages, impulses, and frequency variations
  • Quick and simple downloads
  • Detailed site reports
  • User-selectable threshold values
  • Hot-to-neutral and neutral-to-ground values
  • Quick summary option
  • Powerful and easy to use

Downloading, Communicating and setting up a PowerWatch
Downloading and communicating with the PowerWatch could not be more simple: plug the optical interface cable into the USB or serial port of your computer and point the wand to the optical port on the PowerWatch. Communication begins immediately. No tools, cards or docking stations are required. The following information is displayed in EventReader software: voltage disturbance threshold values, site descriptions, filename, start and stop date and time, and the recorder’s serial number. Configure the threshold values for each voltage disturbance type or use the industry standard default values.