Frequently Asked Questions for SmartReader Plus 5 and 6

For the SRP5 and SRP6 (12 bit thermocouple loggers) the accuracy is +/-0.5% of the temperature range plus the resolution. The temperature range for the specific thermocouple type that is to be used and each thermocouple range is specified in our product catalog or Reference Guide. The resolution also varies with thermocouple types and is stated in either the product catalog or Reference Guide.

Example: For a T-type thermocouple with the range of -200°C to 400°C (-325 to 750°F) and SRP6 logger, the accuracy is (0.5% * 600) + 0.4 = ±3.4°C which is ±6.125°F.


The maximum recommended cable length for the 20 gauge t/c wire is 300 feet (100 meters).


No. The correct equation numbers for the SRP5 and SRP6 loggers are:

J type thermocouple: Equation 50

K type thermocouple: Equation 52

T type thermocouple: Equation 54

S type thermocouple: Equation 74

Do not use equation numbers 49, 51, 53 and 73 with SRP loggers.