Frequently Asked Questions for SRP3

Only if the probes have 0 – 5 VDC output signal. Current probes carried by ACR are compatible with SRP3 loggers.

Probe cable lenghts of CT series probes are 5 feet long. It is recommended the cable not be extended.

Up to seven probes can be connected to SRP3 loggers.

On the current channels, the accuracy of the system is +/-3.5% of full scale for SmartReader Plus 3 (above 10% of the range). The CT-253 current probe is accurate to +/-3% of F.S. The remaining 1% or 0.5% comes from resolution effects and logger circuitry. +/-3.5% of the full scale means that if the switch on the probe is set to 100 amps and a customer has a circuit with 25 amps flowing, the logger could record any value from 21.5 to 28.5 amps. Note that below 10% of the measuring range the current probes are not considered accurate.

On the 0-5Volts voltage channels of the SRP3 the accuracy is ±0.5% of F.S. In other words, the accuracy is ±25mV.

The use of a single power supply, or isolated output is recommended to prevent ground loops.

The function of this resistor is to convert the 0-1 mA output of the transducer to 0-5 VDC (that should be used with SRP3 loggers). Therefore, you should not remove the resistor.

The nominal voltage of the Ohio Semitronics voltage transducer is 575 Vac and outputs 5Vdc at 600Vac which is good for 480Vac as well at 80% FS.

We stock two different models: a 575 Vac, 3-phase, 60Hz transducer and a 120 Vac, 1-phase, 60Hz transducer. These transducers have a 0-5Vdc output proportional to the input. The input ranges are 0-600Vac for the 575V transducer and 0-150Vac for the 120V transducers. These transducers are designed for use with our SRP-003 Current and Voltage logger.