Frequently Asked Questions for SmartReader Plus 10

No. The SRP-010 comes only with 128K memory.

The accuracy of the SRP-10 over the temperature range of –230 to 300°C (-382 to 572°F) when using 100 &1000 Ohm Platinum probes is ±0.3°C (±0.54°F) + Resolution.

For the 100 Ohm & 1000 Ohm Platinum probes the resolution is equal to ±0.14°C (±0.25°F).

The accuracy of the ACR RTD logger is ±0.44°C (±0.79°F).

Note that this is only the accuracy of the data logger. If you want to find the total accuracy (data logger and the RTD probe) then the accuracy of your RTD probe should also be added to the logger’s accuracy. For example, if you use the Platinum RTD probes (±0.06% at 0°C) of MINCO, at 0 degrees centigrade the probe has the accuracy of ±0.15°C. Hence, the total accuracy of the system at 0°C will be ±0.6°C.

Any RTD with a Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) of 0.00385 can be used with the SRP-10 (100 Ohm and 1000 Ohm Platinum probes).