Frequently Asked Questions for SmartButton data logger

No. Although it is water resistant, it is not actually waterproof. It does not carry an IP rating. Direct submersion is not recommended. The is a waterproof capsule available for submersion applications.

The SmartButton can take 2048 readings. Multiply this number by the sample rate you have chosen to calculate the logging duration. The unit can be set to stop when full, or first in, first out (memory wrap) modes.

Yes. You can set the sample interval from 1 minute to 255 minutes (4,25 hours), in one minute increments. You can delay start by up to 6 weeks. You can also set Low and High alarm thresholds for alarm indications in the graphed date. You can enter a name or label in the description field as well.

ACR warranties the SmartButton for 1 full year after date of purchase.

The life of the SmartButton depends on the sample rate selected and the temperature range of prolonged exposure. At normal ambient (room) temperatures you can expect about 4-5 years of life. Temperatures over 50°C will shorten the internal battery’s life.

No, the battery can’t be replaced or recharged. Once it has expired, the unit should be disposed of in the appropriate manner.

You can’t completely disable the the SmartButton, you can minimize its battery concumption by setting the sample intervals to zero and saving the set up.

No,it is not possible to calibrate the SmartButton.

NoTrendReader for SmartButton does not require a license key.

The TrendReader for SmartButton software can graph and display the data and export to various formats such as PDF, Text and CSV. The software can also open multiple graphs simultaneously (merge) for easy comparison / viewing of different data sets. The combined graph can be saved and converted to the previous mentioned formats.

Although the cable driver should install when the software is installed, sometimes it may not due to firewalls and antivirus software etc. The driver is provided in a directory within the TrendReader for SmartButton installation. You can find it at: C:\Program Files (x86)\ACR Systems\TrendReader 3\hardware Drivers\DS1W xSB Driver’ You may need to run it manually. (You may also need your System Administrator to grant permissions).

No, the old serial cable will let you make contact with the SmartButton, but will not allow you to make changes to the set up. Only the USB (blue dongle) interface cable will work with TrendReader for SmartButton software.