Frequently Asked Questions for OWL data loggers

8 bit (1 part in 256) however, it can be optimized to the equivalent of 10 bit resolution.

It uses either the LIC-101 serial or LIC-102 USB interface cable (Light Wand) for connection to the computer.

No, it comes with the software. That is, when you order the software you will receive the interface cable (Light Wand) as well. However, you can also order it separately, if you would like an extra cable.

It uses optical communication. You place the Light Wand in front of the optical eye of the logger and the communication starts automatically.

No, you can’t download data from an OWL logger using modem or telephone lines.

Yes, the OWL –100 Polyurethane model is water-resistant. It has an IP67 rating (Part number: 01-0050 OWL-100-Poly). Note that the other OWL-100 logger has a plastic case (Part number: 01-0250 OWL-100-Plastic) and is not water-resistant.

The fastest sample rate is one sample every 0.2 seconds and the slowest sample rate is one sample every 12 hours.