Frequently Asked Questions for JR-2000 data logger

The JR-2000 can take 100,000 readings at sample intervals ranging from 10 seconds to 18 hours.

The battery life of the JR-2000 is warranteed for 3 years (-40 to 85°C) (-40 to 185°F).

No, the battery is not replaceable

Yes, the logger will flash its LEDs every 10 seconds when activated according to the following:

  • Red   –   Alarm indicaton or memory full
  • Green – Normal logging
  • Blue  –  Delayed start logging (up to 18 hour delay)

Yes, the JR-2000 has low and high temperature threshold settings. The logger will flash red when an alarm state has been entered (can be latched or dynamic)

The accuracy of the JR-2000 is better than +/-0.6°C over its entire range (-40 to 85°C) (-40 to 185°F)