Frequently Asked Questions

SmartReader Data Loggers are precise instruments with low resolution for use in applications where the magnitude of the readings is of primary importance and cost may be a factor. Its simple setup makes it uncomplicated and the information collected is very usable considering that most sensors are no better than 1% or 2% accurate. This approach to data logging focuses on the big picture rather than the details that tend to distract. Available in low memory size makes small files that are easy to manipulate.

SmartReader Plus Data Loggers are full featured high resolution precision instruments for applications where detail is important. Their features set includes bused based networking and alarm alert mechanism make them ideal for continuous monitoring. They are available in a wide range of memory sizes. When overall accuracy or amount of data needed is of concern, the Plus series fits the requirements.

Difference: SmartReader Plus higher resolution tends to make better looking graphs when excursions are not as great in a given time.

Similarity: Both are remote capable thru optional third party devices such as land-line, cellular or radio modems and device servers for internet access.

Yes, you can. A SmartReader 4 or a SmartReader Plus 4 with an absolute pressure sensor can be used for this purpose.

Yes, you can log the status of a switch and establish if it was opened or closed (on/off) and for how long it remained in each state. Click here for more details.