Using the external RH channel on SmartReader Plus 2 as a 2.5V voltage channel

Please be aware that the SmartReader Plus 2 logger’s external relative humidity channel can be used as a 0-2.5Vdc input. The signal from the EH-020A External Humidity probe is a 0-2.5Vdc signal. Insert the positive wire into the terminal labeled Rel. Humidity, and the negative wire into the Common terminal. Assign equation 7 to the channel to have the data scaled in units of DC voltage. If you have larger voltages, you can use an external voltage divider circuit to measure these voltages with the SRP-002 logger.

Please note that you cannot use the 8-bit SR-002 logger’s external RH channel for DC voltage measurements, as this logger does not have a voltage regulator on the RH channel.