Reassigning COM Ports by Accessing Device Manager

Q: How do I reassign COM Ports?

A: To reassign comports, you will be accessing Device Manger in Windows. Simply close the ACR software if it is running and follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Start button and select Settings –> Control Panel.
  2. Double click System and select the Hardware tab –> Device Manager.
  3. Select – Ports COM & LPT to see a list of the com ports assigned to devices in your system.
  4. If the installation went correctly, the cable you installed should appear in this list with its current COM port assignment.
  5. Right click on the device and select Properties.
  6. Click the Port Settings tab then click Advanced.
  7. Click in the COM Port Number menu and select, preferably, an unused port that is in the range for the software you are using. (Note: If all of the ports are labeled in use or used, you may need to assign over one of them. This will create a potential conflict error by Windows, but continue by selecting the port anyway and see if there is an actual conflict. Some times ports are reserved and apparently not used so it is not likely that you will experience an actual conflict.)
  8. Click OK and close out Device Manager.
  9. Restart the ACR software and try accessing the newly assigned port.