Truly burden-free connectivity is accomplished when a system connects seamlessly – the key to success is to choose reliable components from established manufacturers.

ACR’s connection methodology alleviates the burden posed by having to routinely collect data. As applications vary, so do the potential solutions. Offering the widest range in the industry, leads to the best cost benefit ratio depending on scenario. Simple systems consist of directly connecting a single Data Logger to a computer on a long cable run, accessing it over the phone or using existing network infrastructure, including the Internet. More complex solutions involve multiple Data Loggers and convenient Hardware/Software Modules which enable automated backup and/or create a fool-proof alerting mechanism.


  • Devices can be bused together using off-the-shelf cables or modular components for varied configurations.
  • TrendReader Software is capable of managing an unlimited number of collection points.
  • On simple systems the SRP Display Module shows realtime readings and can be left permanently connected.
  • Alarms alert thru dial-out commands or the Alarm Module provides a local audible tone and dry-contact.


More Information
ACR Technical Document-Connectivity Overview.pdf