Increasing the sample rate of SmartReader Plus data loggers using the Fast Sampling Battery Pack

In order to access a sample rate faster than once every 8 seconds, the SmartReader Plus loggers require the use of an external power supply (PS-201). This power supply can be in the form of a Fast Sampling Battery Pack (BP-101), 120V power supply, or interface cable plugged into a communication port on a computer.

ACR has developed a battery pack with replaceable “AAA” batteries.  The Fast Sampling Battery Pack has an 8 inch (20cm) cable attached, with a male stereo jack on the end.  The stereo jack can then be plugged into the communication port on the data logger and this then powers the logger for recording at the faster sample rates.  If FAST READ MODE is selected in the software in the setup, the logger will not begin recording unless the BP-101, PS-201, IC-101, or IC-02 is plugged in before the start delay has elapsed.  If NORMAL MODE is selected, you do not need the external power supply, because you cannot sample faster than once every 8 seconds.

Powering a SmartReader Plus with the Fast Sampling Battery Pack (BP-101), or 120Vac powered PS-201.

The only way the logger can be triggered to start is by using the delayed start.  You should program a delayed start 8 seconds longer than desired because the accuracy of the delayed start clock is +/-8 seconds.  The battery pack or power supply must be plugged into the logger before this delayed start elapses.  If you remove the power source, the logger will stop recording.  It cannot be restarted unless you send the setup configuration to it from TrendReader software, including a delayed start.  The power source cannot be used as a trigger to start recording because of contact bounce when it is being plugged in.  The BP-101 battery pack will power a logger for 7 days continuously before the batteries need replacement.  The “dead battery” light will remain lit for 28 days after it first turns on and does not allow fast sampling when on.