Networking SmartReader Plus Data Loggers on Long Cable Run

Convenient method of connecting up to 10 Networkable Data Loggers up to 1000ft (300m) hooked to a local computer.


  • Modular plugs allow easy deployment without solder or screw terminals
  • Cables can be made in the field for custom lengths
  • Access by defining list of devices in software


Ordering Information:

ModelDescriptionCommentCatalog #
IC-101Interface Cable, Serial, 3ft (0.9m) c/w 9-25 Pin AdapterOne per Site01-0077
IC-102Interface Cable, USB, 3ft (0.9m)Alternative01-0088
CB-020Cable, Extension, 20ft (6m) M-F StereoOptional31-0024
YA-202Network splitter, 2 male, 1 female ends (replaces the YA-201)One per Device01-0159
YAT-201Tester, Y-Adapter, Modular Cable, c/w 1ft (0.3m) Stereo CableOptional per Site01-0163
MC-004Cable, Modular, 4-Conductor, 1ft (0.3m)Order by Feet31-0044
MP-004Plug, Modular, 4-ContactTwo per Cable18-0035
Service, Connector Installation, ModularOptional89-0000
PS-201-NAPower Supply, North American, 120VACSee Diagram01-0165
PS-201-EUPower Supply, European, 220VAC01-0164